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Discover Apartments for Rent That Look and Feel Like Home
The Redwood Advantage | More than Apartment Communities

The Redwood Advantage

The beauty of living at a Redwood Neighborhood is you know what you're going to getat every location. We go above and beyond to make sure you've got top-notch service to go along with your new, top-notch, single-story apartment home. And every Redwood Neighborhood offers our signature benefits, including the Redwood Guarantee.

Peace & Quiet

Say yes to apartment living with built in peace and quiet.

Cramped rental apartment buildings often come equipped with thin walls and loud noises. When you become a Redwood neighbor in one of our single-story apartment homes, you dont have to worry about your upstairs or downstairs neighbors keeping you up at night.

Upgraded Features

Enjoy upgraded kitchens.

Many of our Redwood apartments feature upgraded, modern, easy-to-maintain kitchen amenities such as granite countertops and stainless appliances for an unparalleled rental experience.

Happy Pets

Discover apartments that allow three pets.

At Redwood, we believe pets are an extension of your family. You're welcome to bring up to three pets in any single apartment. Even better, many of our locations offer dog parks.

Unique Address

Experience apartments with a unique home address.

At many of our neighborhoods, each Redwood rental apartment has its own address, plus a front door that's accessible without having to enter a multi-family building—so courier services, visitors and pizza delivery can get right to your door

Prime Location

Benefit from apartment living close to the city—prime location without "city negatives".

Redwood rental apartment communities are strategically located within commuting distance but are still outside city limits to reduce your overall living costs (such as no city taxes).

Private Entrance

Take advantage of apartments with a private entrance.

Rain, sleet, snow or sunshine at Redwood, your apartment home comes equipped with a one or two-car garage so you can go from road to home, and home to road in no time.

Rental Furniture

Relax with apartment rental furniture.

Each Neighborhood offers mission-critical appliance and furniture rentals available through CORT, including washers and dryers, so you have all the creature comforts you need when you move in.

Easy Deliveries

Get your deliveries right to your door.

At Redwood, our residents don't have to go to a mail room or the office to get their packages. They go right to your door!

Neighborhood Events

Celebrate at neighborhood and community events.

It doesn't matter if you're new to the area or you're a long-time resident, each Redwood location is more than just an apartment complex. We're a neighborhood. Our neighborhood teams are busy planning social events such cookouts, movie nights and more!

Short-Term Leases

Explore Short-Term Apartment Lease Options.

Redwood offers both short-term and long-term leasing options, depending on your housing needs. Rest assured, we're ready to help you enjoy a "real home" whether you're staying put for a while, or transitioning your life.

Local Living

Enjoy local living close to everything.

Redwood neighborhoods offer easy access to local businesses including grocery stores, shopping centers, and local attractions.

Energy Efficiency

Save with energy efficient apartment rentals.

At Redwood you can feel confident that your utility bills during cold and hot months won't empty your bank account. Our properties are fitted with energy saving appliances so you can keep your monthly utility budget as consistent as possible.

The Redwood Guarantee

You're going to love it here.

We think you'll love your new Redwood apartment home, so much that we'll guarantee it. If you're not satisfied in the first 30 days, we'll let you out of your lease - no questions asked. Speak with our team to find out more about why we're so confident you'll love our homes.

Foreclosure Forgiveness

You can lease with us.

Redwood doesn't count foreclosure against you when submit your application. You'll still need to meet our rental requirements, but as long as you do, we're happy to have you as a Redwood resident.

Special Discount Savings

Save on move-in expenses with one of our discount programs!

Do you work for one of our preferred employers? Are you a member of the police, fire department, or military? Are you a veteran? How about one of our vendors? Then you're eligible to save on move-in costs. Find out how at your nearest Redwood Neighborhood.

Pet Friendly Apartments

At Redwood, we understand your pets are part of the family. That's why we want you to bring them along! All of our apartments allow up to three pets, including dogs* and cats, and you pay ONE pet rent, regardless of the number of pets you have.
You're only responsible for three fees when you have pets at Redwood:

  • Non-Refundable Pet Fee: $300 flat rate (one up-front charge)
  • Monthly Pet Rent: $35 per month
  • Any damages your pets may cause (paid upon move out)

*Breed restrictions apply.

Want to know more or schedule a tour?  Find Your New Home

Single-Story Homes

Traditional apartment complexes come with a variety of challenges, like multiple flights of stairs, noisy upstairs and downstairs neighbors, thin walls and confusing apartment numbers. At Redwood, you don't have to worry about that!

Our single-story apartment floor plans and quality building products provide built in peace and quiet, and the convenience of having your own unique street address. You'll feel like you're living in a single-family home, without any of the stress.

Want to see for yourself how quiet and convenient Redwood apartment homes are?  Explore Apartment Homes

Apartment Homes with Attached Garages

Finding the perfect parking situation in the typical apartment rental community can be tricky. While you might be able to find covered parking, it will usually cost you. That's why we include attached garages with every Redwood apartment home! Discover the difference of going from car to house and back again seamlessly. Plus, there's room for storing large items, like golf clubs and other recreational materials.

Need extra parking? Not a problem! There's also space for extra parking in your Redwood driveway outside.

Schedule a tour to experience a Redwood attached garage today!  Discover Private Parking

Apartment Homes with Granite & Stainless

No one should have to give up living in a nice place just because it's a rental. That's why our Redwood apartment homes all come equipped with upgraded finishes, like granite countertops, stainless appliances and a pantry big enough to store even your largest kitchen appliances. Enjoy an open floor plan complete with flexible den space you can use for a gym, a home office, a pet play palace or anything in-between.

Not sure if our apartment homes are the right fit?  Discover Upgrades

Apartment Homes with a Real Address

Whether you're ordering delivery or directing friends to your home for a party, no one likes searching for an impossible-to-find apartment number. At Redwood, you get a real street address! Just plug it into your GPS and arrive right at your door.

Schedule a tour today to experience the difference!  Find Your New Address

Apartments Near Everything You Could Need

Like the quiet of suburban living, but still want to get into the city from time to time? Find the best of both worlds when you live at Redwood! Near the necessities like grocery stores, gyms and local restaurants, living at Redwood means you'll also have easy access to local attractions, shopping and larger metropolitan areas.

Find the right neighborhood for what you need.  Explore Redwood Locations

Rental Furniture for Your Rental Home

Not ready to buy furniture? Only renting for a short period? Whatever your situation, Redwood is here to help. We partner with CORT Furniture to provide rental furniture for your rental home. With washers, dryers, dcor and more, CORT can help you make your Redwood apartment feel like the home you deserve, no matter how long you stay with us.

Looking for the floor plan to fit your unique needs?  Tour Your Rental Home

Delivery Right to Your Door

We know life gets busy sometimes. And we don't want that to get in the way of your deliveries! Our residents can be confident their deliveries will arrive to their door, because they have their own address. Plus, they won't have to pick them up in a mail room or at our office!

Explore Redwood locations near you, then tour today!  Get Easy Deliveries

Neighborhood Events for Redwood Neighbors

At Redwood, we love our residents (also known as Redwood Neighbors)! So we do everything we can to make you feel like a part of the neighborhood. From block parties to summer barbeques and resident appreciation events, you'll get access to fun events that bring everyone together, all year long.

Where do you want to be a Redwood Neighbor?  Find Your Redwood Neighborhood

Short-Term Apartment Rental Leases

Change is inevitable, and sometimes you need a place to stay for just a short period of time. That's why we offer short-term leases! Rent an apartment home that feels like a single-family home, no matter how long you choose to stay.

Looking for a place to call home while you transition your life?  Find Your Temporary Home

Things to Do, Just a Short Drive Away

No matter the Redwood Neighborhood you live at, you'll be close to anything you'd like to do. Whether you're looking for day-to-day necessities or fun attractions, each Redwood location is built with your comfort in mind. Find your local living today.

Find a local community that works for your needs.  Explore Redwood Communities

Save Money with Energy Efficient Apartments

Redwood makes every effort to build energy efficient apartment homes, so our residents can enjoy the benefits. Ranking at nearly 40% more efficient than apartments built to standard building code, our apartment homes include both efficient utilities and increased insulation. With these additions, our residents enjoy:

  • Warmer floors
  • Decreased Utility Bills
  • Quieter Apartments
Tour today to experience the Redwood advantage for yourself!  Discover Efficient Homes

You can lease with us.

Redwood doesn't count foreclosure against you when submit your application. You'll still need to meet our rental requirements, but as long as you do, we're happy to have you as a Redwood resident.

Tour today to experience the Redwood advantage for yourself!  Find Out More