If the property you are applying for residency at is currently under construction, you are agreeing to the following;

This is an agreement between (“Tenant”) and Redwood Living, Inc. (“Landlord”). The parties agree as follows:

  1. Tenant wishes to lease the apartment located at a Property which is currently under construction.
  2. Availability shall be when Landlord’s work on the Property is completed.
  3. Tenant acknowledges that Landlord cannot and does not guarantee the date of Availability given the uncertainty associated with the construction process. Therefore, should the Property not be completed by the date stated above plus a thirty (30) day grace period thereafter (the “Delivery Period”), this Agreement and the Lease may be cancelled. If canceled, the hold fee will be returned to Tenant in full.
  4. Tenant understands and agrees that, except for the return of the hold fee, Landlord shall have no liability whatsoever to Tenant, financial or otherwise, for failure to deliver the Property to Tenant for occupancy during the Delivery Period.
  5. Tenant will have eleven (11) days after the first day of Availability to move-in. If Tenant does not take occupancy, the Property may be rented to others and Landlord may retain the hold fee.