Tour Your Way: How Prospective Residents Can Take a Virtual Tour of a Redwood Apartment Home

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Independence, Ohio – March 3, 2021 – In a world that’s gone virtual, Redwood Living, Inc. (Redwood) continues to innovate the way it manages apartment neighborhoods and accommodates its residents. One step is by making the apartment touring process easy with a variety of options that cater to an individual’s comfort level, lifestyle and availability.

In addition to discovering their apartment options online, taking a traditional in-person tour or conducting a self-guided tour, prospective residents also have the ability to tour virtually. This option provides flexibility while accommodating those who may not be comfortable meeting in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, those who are in the process of moving and do not live locally, or those who simply want to take a convenient tour without coming to the neighborhood in person. 

To help make the most of the virtual tour experience, Melissa Freed, director of marketing at Redwood, offers some tips and answers our most commonly asked questions.

Before The Tour
What can an individual expect from a virtual tour of a Redwood apartment? 
Prospective residents can expect a full tour of our apartment homes from the comfort of their current home – or anywhere they have a reliable internet connection. Our team reviews all of the features and benefits of living in a Redwood apartment home, will answer any questions during the tour, and can email more information after the tour, as needed.

How does someone set up a virtual tour and what technology do they need access to in order to take a virtual tour? 
We've made the virtual tour option as easy as possible. Residents can contact our neighborhood team directly or head to the neighborhood’s website, click the “schedule a tour” button and select “virtual tour.’’ Individuals will be taken to a contact form that is sent directly to our neighborhood team who schedules the tour via FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Google Duo – whichever communication platform the resident prefers. 

How should a resident prep for a virtual tour? What are some things people commonly forget to ask or see?
Even though the prospective resident will be speaking one-on-one with a team member during the virtual tour, we do suggest they prepare a list of questions on their “must-haves” for their new home in advance. Do they need a specific amount of square footage? Do they want to see any spaces more in-depth? Do they have any questions about storage space in the garage or worries about their car fitting? Our team can help with any of that. 

We’ll go over specific home features, finishes, and a little bit about what community attractions are located near the neighborhood. We’re open to answering all questions our prospects have – we want them to be able to fully experience the Redwood Advantage at their convenience. 

During The Tour
How long does a virtual tour take?  
As long as a resident needs. With a live video tour, we can show the home in real time, spend extra time on specific features of interest and answer any additional questions.  

Do you do anything special during a virtual tour to help potential residents visualize themselves in their new apartment?    
Many of our neighborhoods have a model home for touring, which we will use for live video tours as well. The model homes are fully furnished to showcase the potential of the space. Plus, if it would be helpful to our prospective residents, we are able to send floor plan information, availability, pricing, and more information about the neighborhood via email following the tour.

Can individuals ask for measurements to plan for furniture, etc.? 
Absolutely. We are happy to provide this information over the phone or via email. 

Beyond the apartment itself, are there any other neighborhood highlights that a resident can see during a virtual tour?  
At Redwood, we pride ourselves on doing one thing really well, and that one thing is providing remarkable living in our single-story, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments with a personal patio and an attached garage. All of these features can be seen while completing a live video tour. Our neighborhood team can also talk about things around the neighborhood, like how mail works, or if there are any special features like a walking path or water feature, in greater detail on the call. 

Do you allow residents to record virtual tours for future reference? 
Yes, and we can also provide any needed follow-up after the tour to help with decision-making.

After The Tour
Can a resident ask follow-up questions after the call? Do you take additional pictures of the space as requested? 
Yes! We are here to assist residents in finding their next home and are happy to answer any questions and provide additional information to help in the process.  

Can a prospective resident take more than one virtual tour?
We are happy to accommodate as many tours as needed to help residents make their decision. If their circumstances allow, they can also schedule an in-person or self-guided tour at their convenience.

If a resident chooses to rent with Redwood following their virtual tour, can they continue the leasing process virtually?
Yes, residents can continue the leasing process virtually up until the day they move in. A Redwood team member will follow up within one day of the virtual tour and can provide the online application link to get started. Prospective residents can also visit the neighborhood’s website and click “apply online” to start the application process. 

No matter the location, virtual tours offer a comprehensive and personal look at Redwood apartment homes, even from a distance. Check out all of the Redwood neighborhoods that are just one video call away. 


About Redwood Living, Inc.
Redwood Living, Inc. (Redwood) is an innovative development and property management company with neighborhoods in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina and South Carolina. The company believes that the growth of the rental population demands the response that Redwood provides. The success of this approach continues to be validated in new markets. Redwood is a company that believes in its mission, product and amazing people. It creates a simplified, relaxed lifestyle for residents, and offers a rewarding atmosphere for its employees. For more information, visit    


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