Tour Your Way: How Prospective Residents Can Take a Self-Guided Redwood Apartment Tour

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Independence, Ohio – February 25, 2021 – Touring an apartment in person might not always be the easiest option. It might be difficult to coordinate schedules and find a time to visit during normal office hours. Some might also desire the in-person experience without the exposure to others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why Redwood Living, Inc. (Redwood) continues to adapt and accommodate residents on their own terms. In addition to offering prospective residents the choice to discover their apartment options online, take a traditional in-person tour or tour virtually, Redwood is pleased to offer people the ability to take a self-guided tour at select neighborhoods. This touring option allows for scheduling flexibility while also keeping the experience contactless. 

To help make the most out of a self-guided apartment tour, Melissa Freed, director of marketing at Redwood, offers some tips and answers our most commonly asked questions.

Prior To Arrival:
At select neighborhoods, prospective residents can opt for a self-guided tour if they cannot make it on site during normal office hours. How does an individual set up a self-guided tour and what technology do they need access to in order to take one? 
To set up a self-guided tour, head to the neighborhood’s website, click the “schedule a tour” button, and select “self-guided tour” from the pop-up options. Once “self-guided tour” is selected, prospective residents are taken to a preference page to select the day and time that works for them. Next, they submit some personal information for identification verification, and will then be sent additional details via email and text message directing them on how to access the apartment for the tour. Prospective residents will need a mobile phone that connects to the internet to complete this process. 

While On Site
What can an individual expect from a self-guided tour of a Redwood apartment? How are apartment features highlighted? 
Prospective residents can enjoy touring at a time that works for them, and at the pace they desire. Some of our apartments used for self-guided tours are model homes, which are completely furnished. This gives people a feel for the space and how furniture can be arranged. Plus, we add signage throughout the homes so those touring themselves can still get the information they would during a tour guided by a Redwood team member.

With time to wander and explore each feature, people can truly envision how the Redwood Advantage can enhance their lifestyles. Step into the large kitchen, explore the appliances and see how food and kitchen supplies will fit in the spacious pantry. Those looking to add a workout area or home office can see how the flexible space can be crafted to fit their specific needs. Prospective residents can use their self-guided tour to focus on the areas that are most important to them. 

How long does a self-guided tour take?  
Self-guided tours are scheduled for 45 minutes each, and there is a 15-minute window between tours. The great thing about a self-guided tour is that people can spend as much or as little time as they prefer in any given area. 
What are some things people commonly forget to see or do during a self-guided tour? 
Because a self-guided tour is done without a member of the leasing team, we suggest prospective residents come with a list of “must-haves” for their new home, so they do not forget to address these needs while on site. For example, a Redwood team member would typically like to point out how much storage is built into our apartments. We suggest someone taking a self-guided tour looks at the closets, pantry and garage to see how much can truly fit into a Redwood apartment without feeling cluttered. People should also assess the laundry space and determine whether they will be bringing their own machines, or if they would like our assistance to rent one or both. They can also feel free to bring a measuring tape to measure for furniture space, wall art, etc. 

There are other important things that might not be as obvious on a self-guided tour, like all the little details meant to help residents save on utilities and increase their comfort: e.g., energy-efficient appliances, thicker walls than required to help with sound and keep the temperature regulated, and lots of natural light. And just like these details, we understand that people will likely have follow-up questions from their self-guided tour (like pricing, availability, what attractions are nearby, etc.) which is why we have our leasing team follow up with them the next day.  

Beyond the apartment itself, are there any other neighborhood highlights that a prospective resident can see during a self-guided tour?  
At Redwood, we pride ourselves on doing one thing really well, and that one thing is providing remarkable living in our single-story, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments with a personal patio and an attached garage. All of these features can be seen while completing a self-guided tour. While in the neighborhood, people are welcome to tour the full neighborhood to see any green space or water features as well. 

Do you allow people to record their self-guided tour and/or take pictures for future reference?
Yes, people can certainly record their visit and take pictures of anything during their self-guided tour to make their decision easier. 

After The Tour
Can a prospective resident ask follow-up questions? Do you take additional pictures of the space as requested? 
Absolutely. We are here to make the process as easy as possible. We’re happy to answer all questions and provide any information to help with the decision-making process. 

What if a prospective resident wants to return for another tour?
We are happy to accommodate as many tours as residents need to help them make their decision. For their convenience, we can also arrange for the follow-up tour to be virtual. 

Customizing the tour experience is just one of the many ways Redwood goes the extra mile for its residents. Learn more about The Redwood Advantage and the signature benefits that come with living in a Redwood neighborhood.  

About Redwood Living, Inc.
Redwood Living, Inc. (Redwood) is an innovative development and property management company with neighborhoods in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina and South Carolina. The company believes that the growth of the rental population demands the response that Redwood provides. The success of this approach continues to be validated in new markets. Redwood is a company that believes in its mission, product and amazing people. It creates a simplified, relaxed lifestyle for residents, and offers a rewarding atmosphere for its employees. For more information, visit    


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